Rarest to Most Common Colors of Belgian Malinois


Starting with the exquisite fawn coat, this warm and tan hue is a classic choice, blending elegance with a touch of richness.

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Explore the sable shade, a captivating mix of dark and light tones that create a stunning, dynamic effect across the Malinois coat.

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Dive into the mahogany color, a deep and luscious shade that adds a sense of regality to the Belgian Malinois breed.

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Black Masking

Discover the intriguing black masking pattern, enhancing the facial features and creating a captivating contrast on the Malinois.

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Transitioning to the lighter spectrum, the cream color brings a touch of softness and brightness to the Belgian Malinois coat.

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Explore the subtle beauty of the grey coat, adding a cool and sophisticated allure to these remarkable canines.

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Despite being a rare color, black Belgian Malinois dogs are in high demand.

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Experience the vibrant red hue, infusing energy and warmth into the Belgian Malinois coat, creating a standout presence.

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While white is a very rare Belgian Malinois color, it is not desirable because white dogs of this breed are prone to genetic issues such as eye problems or deafness.

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