The Top 10 Most Friendly Pet Bird Species In United States


Discover the charming world of cockatiels, known for their playful nature and striking crests.

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Explore the vibrant and talkative parakeets that make delightful companions. Learn about their cheerful personalities.

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Dive into the world of lovebirds, known for their affectionate behavior and beautiful plumage. Find out why they make great pets.

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Meet the lively conures, social birds that bring joy to any household. Learn about their intelligence and playful antics.

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These lively parrots are not only entertaining but also extremely friendly, bringing a lively and joyful atmosphere into your home.

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Quaker Parrot

Quakers' charming personalities and ability to mimic speech make them engaging and interactive companions.

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African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrot: Known for their intelligence, African Greys form close bonds with their owners and are excellent communicators.

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Cockatoos make loving companions due to their affectionate nature and playful antics, but they require dedicated care.

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